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Admit it, you at least once discharged the phone? So that's up to you no one could get through. This happens often with our today's hero.

  • Сategory: Business/Finance, Shopping

You always understand colleagues and business partners? You're in luck with your colleagues or you know how to properly communicate with them. Victor and Ludmila wants to make its position on one of the controversial issues, but do not dare to do it.

  • Сategory: Business/Finance, Daily Life

You are an active Internet user. As you travel for certain question arises: how to save, how to choose fare, or use the local mobile communications. This is indicated today Andrew and Luba.

  • Сategory: Shopping, Daily Life

We have little to write by hand. We press a key on the computer, print the letters. Some even forgotten how to write. This is indicated by Olga and Andrey

  • Сategory: Daily Life, Relationships

Imagine that you have made repairs in the apartment. We must stop, enough already repaired. But there is something left for later. And so, there comes a time when you need to finish everything. In such a situation are Andrew and Olga.

  • Сategory: Daily Life, Relationships

We continue to talk about travel. In our northern hemisphere summer is coming soon, and at this time especially want to go somewhere. So "Itchy Feet" comes, literally - Suitcase Mood. This is today's lesson of the Russian language. Let's listen.

  • Сategory: Daily Life, Travel

What do you most often use when traveling - a paper map or navigation on your phone? Our characters are discussing this today. Which is better and more reliable?

  • Сategory: Transportation

A culinary topic today. Sergei cooks chicken soup. Ira wondered what it smells so good.

  • Сategory: Daily Life

Today let's talk about food. You buy them one with a reserve for a week, for example, or go to the store every day and do not keep it in the refrigerator. Let's listen to what they say about food storage Andrei and Olga.

  • Сategory: Shopping, Daily Life
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