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Learn Russian? It's here.

This site is for those who have a little bit say in Russian, but want to improve their level. Do you want to say exactly how the residents of Moscow or St. Petersburg? Listen and learn. We do not offer you anything supernatural. It's just practice. Here you will find a real dialogue and a detailed description thereof. And also - intonation features and new, unfamiliar words.

New podcasts

The battery drained #109
Admit it, you at least once discharged the phone? So that's up to you no one could get through. This happens often with our today's hero.
Topics: Topics:Business/Finance , Shopping , Daily Life
1.7 €
Pushy and meek #108
You always understand colleagues and business partners? You're in luck with your colleagues or you know how to properly communicate with them. Victor and Ludmila wants to make its position on one of t
Topics: Topics:Business/Finance , Shopping , Daily Life , Relationships
1.7 €
Tricky fare #107
You are an active Internet user. As you travel for certain question arises: how to save, how to choose fare, or use the local mobile communications. This is indicated today Andrew and Luba.
Topics: Topics:Business/Finance , Shopping , Daily Life , Relationships
1.7 €

Whats Inside

Audio files You can listen to real-life conversations. Fast and slow. With comments.
Sample guide The entire contents of the audio files can be seen on the paper. Texts to help a better understanding of.
Dictionary All the new words in one place with explanations and reference to the dialogues where it is used.
Explanation Host explains all the "subtleties" of speech, talks about shades of meaning.
Self-control Small tests can tell you have memorized new words.
Quests We came up a language maze. You can play and learn.

Feedback and comments

"…your dialogue lessons with their (realistically) argumentative tones and natural lexicon are absolutely unique, entertaining and really well done – I am a big fan! I don’t think there is a comparable product out there in the market".
Nicholas Benbow, Melbourne
Please, do make more pod casts. They are fantastic as they go through the words and explain everything and other meaning of the word.
Fie Foghsgaard
"…highest quality and extremely useful for those who already have an intermediate knowledge of the language. Especially in connection with the printed materials".
Nino Correa, Brussels
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