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Navigation #103
What do you most often use when traveling - a paper map or navigation on your phone? Our characters are discussing this today. Which is better and more reliable?
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Smells Good #102
A culinary topic today. Sergei cooks chicken soup. Ira wondered what it smells so good.
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Always Fresh #101
Today let's talk about food. You buy them one with a reserve for a week, for example, or go to the store every day and do not keep it in the refrigerator. Let's listen to what they say about food stor
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Take an Advantage #100
What can be done useful in a time when all relaxing? This is the actual question for any holidays. In Russia, in January, there is especially a lot of days off. Know what to talk about our characters
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Going to Skiing #99
High winter season already in a heat, but we have not talked about skiing yet. Will not be delayed any longer. Let's start right now.
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Car Wash #63
Wipers, handbrake, neytralke ... As the name sounds different automotive terms in Russian. Kirill and Olga asked to wash the car body.
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I don’l like walking #53
Where do you usually stay when traveling to another city? Friends' houses or at the hotel? Our heroes today can not agree.
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Who's new? #52
An ordinary story. But it's always like the first time. Our hero, Ivan, mortally offended by his girlfriend. And what will happen next?
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Legal action #51
Listen to a conversation on the phone. This call an attorney. Need help. Know he was accused Alexander? And why Irina encourages him to take care of their health.
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