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Take an Advantage #100
What can be done useful in a time when all relaxing? This is the actual question for any holidays. In Russia, in January, there is especially a lot of days off. Know what to talk about our characters
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Going to Skiing #99
High winter season already in a heat, but we have not talked about skiing yet. Will not be delayed any longer. Let's start right now.
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What would you like to drink? #97
Today we are in a restaurant. This is the beginning of dinner. Normally at this point we are offered something to drink. Find out how it happens.
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Winter Road #96
Getting ready for winter travel by car. Our characters are sent on a long trip. Find out how it will be.
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Looking for gifts #95
Holidays very close, very soon. We need to have time to buy gifts. Listen to what they say about this Dima and Alla.
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What are laughing at? #94
Everyone knows that laughter - the best medicine. But jokes are different. Something seems ridiculous, but something rude and horrible. Simon and Lena talk about the different types of humor.
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Let's go to the theater! #93
Let's talk about the beautiful. How long have you been in the theater? Kirill does not like theater. And Luba invites him to see the ballet. Find out how she managed to convince Kirill.
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Describing Duration #86
Today about movies, and time duration. Larisa noticed that Igor has a few hours sitting in front of the TV. What's he looks and how much it can continue? Let's find out.
Topics: Entertainment
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The car - the power! #85
Today Andrew shows Karine his new car. Karina did not think the car will be just that. So in front there is a strange route.
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