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The battery drained #109
Admit it, you at least once discharged the phone? So that's up to you no one could get through. This happens often with our today's hero.
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Pushy and meek #108
You always understand colleagues and business partners? You're in luck with your colleagues or you know how to properly communicate with them. Victor and Ludmila wants to make its position on one of t
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Tricky fare #107
You are an active Internet user. As you travel for certain question arises: how to save, how to choose fare, or use the local mobile communications. This is indicated today Andrew and Luba.
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Сalligraphy #106
We have little to write by hand. We press a key on the computer, print the letters. Some even forgotten how to write. This is indicated by Olga and Andrey
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Make it beautiful #105
Imagine that you have made repairs in the apartment. We must stop, enough already repaired. But there is something left for later. And so, there comes a time when you need to finish everything. In suc
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Take an Advantage #100
What can be done useful in a time when all relaxing? This is the actual question for any holidays. In Russia, in January, there is especially a lot of days off. Know what to talk about our characters
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Going to Skiing #99
High winter season already in a heat, but we have not talked about skiing yet. Will not be delayed any longer. Let's start right now.
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Money Laundering #91
Strange things sometimes happen very close. Our characters today Sveta and Kirill. They talk about crime, about criminals who have worked in their office center, next door.
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Rent an apartment #90
When we stay in a foreign city for a long time, we want to live in an apartment. Let's hear how you can be talking about renting an apartment.
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