If you need a Russian language at work. You can hear a very unusual conversation in the office. It is necessary to be aware of.
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Podcast #1

Making a photocopy

With anyone can happen unexpected situation. And well, when it is one who is ready to help. Even if it is only for copying a document.

Podcast #5


How to invest and not to lose? Hot topic. Listen foreword lecturer at the seminar for those wishing to gain new knowledge about investments.

Podcast #17

For efficiency test

In one of the companies check the level of knowledge workers. It is extremely important for businesses. Director name is Eugene, the employee who failed a test, Lyudmila.

Podcast #27

Intrigue at work

Relations in the team at work are sometimes very complex. Especially when people have for each other any feelings. Volodya and Julia talk about their co-workers, on which Julia made a joke.

Podcast #36

Training inexperienced staff

For any company, the training of new employees - an extremely important task. About it in today's episode.

Podcast #38

Untrustworthy employees

Large companies are often faced with the competitive struggle. And it happens that in such cases the use of individual employees to obtain the necessary information. Kostya and Alla suspect one of his colleagues in the work for a competitor.

Podcast #60

Сomputer virus

Each office has a special people who are responsible for the performance of equipment. Only they can help when something is broken.

Podcast #67

Quite soon

Today our characters - employees of one company. Egor and Julia discuss preparations for the next conference. They often conduct such activities. But they need something new.

Podcast #82

Democrat or a dictator?

Today we are talking about good and bad managers. What are your qualities might like boss. And what of your character attempted to block progress up the career ladder?

Podcast #89

The foreign exchange market

Many people in Russia are now wondering what to do with their savings? How to save money? Talking about this today, Olga and Kirill.

Podcast #91

Money Laundering

Strange things sometimes happen very close. Our characters today Sveta and Kirill. They talk about crime, about criminals who have worked in their office center, next door.

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