These podcasts for anyone who travel a lot and is going to talk about the long road or flight.
Podcasts in collection:
Podcast #2

Going on the road

Let’s talk about preparing for the holiday. Denis and Olga are going on a long journey. When our heroes are packed, it became clear that a lot of baggage. So, what to do?

Podcast #3

On the plane

Travelling want comfort. Know what conversation took place at the passenger Nicholas with a stewardess on board.

Podcast #16

Train or plane

Our heroes, Irene and Peter, chosen way to travel. Only it is necessary to go from Moscow to St. Petersburg. And so many choices!

Podcast #47

Volcanic ash

Today, the story is familiar. Volcano with the unpronounceable name Eyjafjallajökull someone messed up, and someone on the contrary, extended their vacation. Let's listen.

Podcast #87

Make a Route

Ira and Kostya talk about traveling of their daughter Sveta. She has a long route. Ira wants get a good look everything on the map.

Podcast #96

Winter Road

Getting ready for winter travel by car. Our characters are sent on a long trip. Find out how it will be.

Podcast #104

Itchy Feet

We continue to talk about travel. In our northern hemisphere summer is coming soon, and at this time especially want to go somewhere. So "Itchy Feet" comes, literally - Suitcase Mood. This is today's lesson of the Russian language. Let's listen.

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