Just ten podcasts. The very first in our actual list.
Podcasts in collection:
Podcast #1

Making a photocopy

With anyone can happen unexpected situation. And well, when it is one who is ready to help. Even if it is only for copying a document.

Podcast #2

Going on the road

Let’s talk about preparing for the holiday. Denis and Olga are going on a long journey. When our heroes are packed, it became clear that a lot of baggage. So, what to do?

Podcast #3

On the plane

Travelling want comfort. Know what conversation took place at the passenger Nicholas with a stewardess on board.

Podcast #4

Catch a cold

Responsible employees do not want to fail his colleagues and the company. They come to work even when sick.

Podcast #5


How to invest and not to lose? Hot topic. Listen foreword lecturer at the seminar for those wishing to gain new knowledge about investments.

Podcast #6

We buy underwear

Finally, we are in the store. Women want of one, the other men. What happens when they get in the underwear department?

Podcast #7

Dangerous journey

Katerina and Yuri went on a weekend camping. And they got a lot of different sores, ie bruises, bumps, minor troubles with health.

Podcast #8

Sightseeing the surrounding area

How to navigate, how not to get lost in an unfamiliar city? Ira and Simon discuss where they visited.

Podcast #9

In the gym

Fans of a healthy lifestyle, Igor and Lena met in the fitness center, a sports club. Igor wanted to help Lena to master fitness equipment.

Podcast #10

Best friends

Julia tells Sasha about her best friend, with whom she will see after a long separation. But for some reason does not want Julia immediately inform friend that is getting married. Let's find out why?

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