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Podcast #1

Making a photocopy

With anyone can happen unexpected situation. And well, when it is one who is ready to help. Even if it is only for copying a document.

Podcast #21


Are very many people in Moscow and St. Petersburg prefer to have breakfast on the way to work. Our heroes, today is Kyrill and Pauline, met in a cafe. And their conversation at the bar, at the cash register.

Podcast #57

Сreative crisis

One thing to say, to write another. Or invent something. In general, creative people are often in crisis. Let's see how this can be overcome. © "Russian language is waiting for you"

Podcast #59

Aware nutritionist

About the food, like the weather, you can talk endlessly. And for some people the pleasure of taste, for others - how to eat less.

Podcast #70

Riding Bicycle

Things to do on a warm summer evening? Drink a glass of delicious wine. Go to the open-air cinema. Or ... cycling. Great idea!

Podcast #73

Better to the Dacha!

We continue the theme of summer. What we have not talked about? About how good swim, to dive into the water. Kostya today really wants to freshen up. But his girlfriend Christine believes that it is necessary to go to the Dacha to friends and swim there.

Podcast #80

Anna Karenina

Today we will hear one of the participants of the international campaign "Karenina. Live" Andrey will read a piece from the novel by Lev Tolstoy live on YouTube. He needs to be well prepared.

Podcast #81

Changing the booking

Today for you - there is a phone conversation. A call to the hotel. Sergey is a very difficult customer. He wants to change your order, your reservation.

Podcast #82

Democrat or a dictator?

Today we are talking about good and bad managers. What are your qualities might like boss. And what of your character attempted to block progress up the career ladder?

Podcast #86

Describing Duration

Today about movies, and time duration. Larisa noticed that Igor has a few hours sitting in front of the TV. What's he looks and how much it can continue? Let's find out.

Podcast #89

The foreign exchange market

Many people in Russia are now wondering what to do with their savings? How to save money? Talking about this today, Olga and Kirill.

Podcast #90

Rent an apartment

When we stay in a foreign city for a long time, we want to live in an apartment. Let's hear how you can be talking about renting an apartment.

Podcast #91

Money Laundering

Strange things sometimes happen very close. Our characters today Sveta and Kirill. They talk about crime, about criminals who have worked in their office center, next door.

Podcast #92

Breathe, do not breathe ...

Today find out what are malingerers. Malingerer - a person who pretends that he is sick. Why? There are different reasons.

Podcast #100

Take an Advantage

What can be done useful in a time when all relaxing? This is the actual question for any holidays. In Russia, in January, there is especially a lot of days off. Know what to talk about our characters Katya and Igor at a time when all bummed.

Podcast #101

Always Fresh

Today let's talk about food. You buy them one with a reserve for a week, for example, or go to the store every day and do not keep it in the refrigerator. Let's listen to what they say about food storage Andrei and Olga.

Podcast #102

Smells Good

A culinary topic today. Sergei cooks chicken soup. Ira wondered what it smells so good.

Podcast #103


What do you most often use when traveling - a paper map or navigation on your phone? Our characters are discussing this today. Which is better and more reliable?

Podcast #104

Itchy Feet

We continue to talk about travel. In our northern hemisphere summer is coming soon, and at this time especially want to go somewhere. So "Itchy Feet" comes, literally - Suitcase Mood. This is today's lesson of the Russian language. Let's listen.

Podcast #105

Make it beautiful

Imagine that you have made repairs in the apartment. We must stop, enough already repaired. But there is something left for later. And so, there comes a time when you need to finish everything. In such a situation are Andrew and Olga.

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